ENVIRO'14 Pathways for better business 17 - 19 September 2014, Adelaide

Keynote speakers

Jonathon Trent Jonathan Trent received his Ph.D. in Biological Oceanography at Scripps Institution of Oceanography; He worked at the Boyer Center for Molecular Medicine at Yale Medical School studying cell adaptation mechanisms to high temperature. At Argonne National Laboratory he developed biotechnology and bioremediation research using organisms from extreme environments.  In 1998, he moved to NASA Ames Research Center to be part of the newly established Astrobiology Institute.  Shortly after coming to NASA he formed the Protein Nanotechnology Research Group and became an Adjunct Professor at UC Santa Cruz in the Dept. of Bio molecular Engineering.  In 2007, with support from Google, he shifted his research focus to Global Research into Energy and the Environment at NASA (GREEN) and in 2008 he invented OMEGA (Offshore Membrane Enclosures for Growing Algae). He raised $10.8M from NASA and the California Energy Commission to evaluate the feasibility of the OMEGA system to provide sustainable biofuels from wastewater and CO2 without competing with agriculture for water, fertilizer, or land; to provide solar electricity from the offshore platform; to recycle wastewater as potable water, and to supplement food supplies by providing an infrastructure for aquaculture. He is now leading the “OMEGA Global Initiative” to establish the first OMEGA demonstration project in a protected bay somewhere in the world.   In addition to work at NASA and UC Santa Cruz, Jonathan is an adjunct professor at Tokyo University for Agriculture and Technology in Japan and a lifetime fellow of the California Academy of Science.  He has been identified as one of the PE100 – the Purpose Economy 100.

Ben Hewett Ben Hewett is the South Australian Government Architect and Executive Director of the Office for Design and Architecture SA (ODASA). In his role Ben provides strategic advice to government for major projects, programs and policy. Ben advocates for the value of design by working across state and local government and with industry and academia. He leads South Australia’s Design Review Program, chairing a number of precinct and project specific panels.

Ben was the Executive Director of the Integrated Design Commission SA 2010-2012. During this period Ben was also Director of “5000+: an Integrated Design Strategy for inner Adelaide”. 5000+ was a collaborative national pilot project involving the three tiers of government working on the creation of a design-based vision for Adelaide.

Prior to his roles in South Australia, Ben was a Senior Lecturer with the University of Technology School of Architecture teaching and researching Design and Professional Practice; and Director of Offshore Studio, an architectural design research practice. He was previously Design Director with Crone Partners Architecture Studios leading master plans, commercial towers, residential and mixed-use developments in Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Melbourne, as well as China and the United Arab Emirates. As a Design Architect at the NSW Government Architect’s Office, graduating from the prestigious cadet program, Ben worked on a diverse range of public projects and programs including the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Circular Quay Redevelopment, the Residential Flat Design Code (supporting SEPP 65) and Parramatta Children’s Court.

Mayor Felicity-ann Lewis became President of the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) in September 2012, having previously been Vice President since 2010. Mayor Lewis has been a member of the ALGA Board since 2009.

Mayor Lewis hails from South Australia and is the City of Marion’s first-ever female Mayor and the longest serving Mayor of more than thirteen years.

As an advocate for local government, Mayor Lewis has promoted Marion Council and the community by developing strong alliances with all levels of government and has established good working relations with neighbouring councils.

Mayor Lewis is a passionate supporter of reform in local government and was President of the Local Government Association of South Australia in 2009/11. She is also the Disability Champion for Local Government in Australia.

Mayor Lewis is a Senior Lecturer in Health Education at Flinders University focussing on health promotion and health education. She has recently been awarded the degree Doctor of Education.

With a strong interest in environmental issues, Mayor Lewis was appointed as a member of South Australia’s Natural Resources Management Council in 2010 and has been reappointed for a further 3 year term. She has a passion and commitment for reconciliation and has been involved in a number of committees to advance this important issue.

Mayor Lewis currently serves as a People of Australia Ambassador.

Most recently Mayor Lewis has been announced as the 2014 Australian of the Year for South Australia.

Dick Pope directs the odor control services for a global company of 22,000.  He has worked on air quality and odor related issues for more than 30 years, conducted odor projects at over 250 municipal and industrial facilities across the USA and internationally, been personally involved in the planning and design of over 200 odor control technology systems, and has given over 100 presentations at state, national and international conferences.

Mr. Pope manages a centralized team of dedicated odor specialists who provide full-service, long-term odor control planning by conducting field investigations, performing odor dispersion modeling to further define off-site impacts, and assisting in selecting the level of control required.  His background includes developing immediate and long term odor control and corrosion plans that emphasize simple solutions where viable and innovative and/or sophisticated solutions where necessary, but always developed in concert with the owner through careful evaluation, planning and staging.

Dick has a Master's Degree in Environmental Engineering, is a registered professional engineer and is Board Certified by the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists (AAEES).  He is the immediate past chair of the Water Environment Federation’s (WEF's) Air Quality and Odor Control Committee, a contributing author on several odor-related text books sponsored by WEF/ASCE, and a member of the Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) sub-committee that reviews wastewater collection system and wastewater treatment plant odor related research projects.  As Chair of the Kindergarten through 12th Grade (K-12) Committee for the AAEES, he believes in reaching out to and educating our young on societal issues in environmental engineering, and drives that message home by talking to students at middle schools, high schools and colleges around the US.

Jon Dee is the Managing Director of DoSomething! and was its founding Chairman. He is the 2010 NSW Australian of the Year and one of Australia's most influential environmental campaigners. Since 1992, he has inspired millions of Australians to make positive environmental and social change. In 1991 Jon and Pat Cash founded the environment group Planet Ark. In his 15 years heading up Planet Ark, Jon instigated National Recycling Week, the National Recycling Hotline, and RecyclingNearYou.com.au which is used by over a million Australians every year. He also founded National Tree Day with Olivia Newton-John, an event for which 2 million volunteers have planted over 15 million trees. Jon founded World Environment News, the world's leading environmental news service used annually by eight million people. In a personal capacity, Jon initiated the successful lobbying campaign for Australia's three year phase-out of incandescent light globes.

In 2008, Jon joined with Pat Cash and Tina Jackson to found DoSomething! Since its inception, the organisation has established a series of innovative campaigns to bring about real and measurable change.

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