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Zero Waste SA is acknowledged nationally and internationally as a leader in waste management and resource recovery and community engagement. Since 2003, it has invested more than $80 million for innovative, effective and well-targeted programs and projects that have stimulated councils, businesses and the community to reduce, recover, reuse and recycle. This has helped South Australia to reduce waste to landfill by 19.63% in the past decade and achieve a resource recovery rate of more than 77%.

Zero Waste SA’s strategic approach has seen the introduction of  wide-ranging waste reforms such as:

  • Australia’s first ban on checkout-style plastic bags
  • Australia’s most comprehensive pilot of household food scrap recycling
  • the Zero Waste SA Centre for Sustainable Design and Behaviour,  partnership with the University of South Australia
  • regional waste planning and infrastructure improvements
  • new recycling ventures for organics, electronic waste, construction and demolition material, waste to energy, recycling services to industry and plastics recycling
  • industry resource efficiency - enabling businesses to reduce operating costs and increase productivity by improving the way materials, energy and water are used
  • introduction of high performing kerbside collection systems
  • the award-winning Recycle Right® household recycling education program
  • Australia’s first government-funded sharing website, Share N Save

ZeroWaste SA


Every hour of every day, SA Water’s people embrace the challenge of delivering safe, sustainable and affordable water services to more than 1.5 million South Australian customers. Once this water has been used, we remove the waste and treat it to ensure the best outcomes for your health, and reduce environmental impact. Owned by the Government of South Australia, SA Water is focused on providing essential services that support growth and economic development throughout our state.

Driven to serve our customers for over 150 years, we know water. We manage more than $13 billion worth of assets, our water quality expertise is recognised around the globe and we are a leader in wastewater recycling.  We employ more than 1500 people – each one looking for innovative ways to deliver efficient and responsive water and wastewater services to our customers now and into the future.

Some of the major projects we have delivered over the past few years include the Adelaide Desalination Plant and the North South Interconnection System Project. We also regularly engage with our customers on how we plan to invest in services and infrastructure into the future. This includes our recent state-wide customer engagement initiative, YourSay.

SA Water


The Department of State Development supports business and investment activity to boost economic growth and create jobs across South Australia. It works with industry and education partners to explore opportunities in investment and trade, small business, manufacturing and innovation, science and technology, and skills and workforce development that will contribute to ongoing prosperity.

Dept of State Development



SKM Recycling provides recycling services to businesses, schools, commercial enterprises, government bodies, and to over 30 Councils in Victoria and South Australia.

Established in Melbourne in 1999, SKM Recycling is now an industry leader in sorting recyclables. It has material recovery facilities (MRF) in Coolaroo, Melbourne and Geelong; and transfer stations in Mornington, Laverton, Hallam, and Adelaide.

SKM Recycling’s Coolaroo MRF—designed to be the most progressive recyclables recovery system—handles fully commingled or source-separated materials, sorting up to 98% of recyclable material from the recycling stream and processing 800–1000 tonnes per day. The Coolaroo MRF is the largest in the southern hemisphere. Using state-of-the-art sorting equipment, it is the only facility in Australia optically sorting seven grades of plastic.

All SKM Recycling’s products (cardboard, mixed paper, whites, plastics sorted by type, glass sorted by colour, glass fines, aluminium and steel) are processed to the highest quality standards and are keenly sought by local and international customers.

SKM Recycling is a proudly Australian and family-owned business.
Founder and director: Joe Italiano. Business manager: Robert Italiano.

SKM Recycling



On what was Adelaide’s main urban landfill operation in 2004, a vision was committed to transforming a 94-hectare 50 year old dump into a world-class recycling and resource recovery precinct.

Ignoring many doubters, this collaborative cluster of commercial recycling businesses now comprehensively recycles 30% of Adelaide’s waste.

Recycling Precinct Partners include:

  • Orora: paper and cardboard waste
  • Jeffries: recycling 100,000 tonnes of green waste annually
  • Adelaide Resource Recovery (ARR) transforming construction and demolition waste into recycled quarry materials and other valuable resources
  • TPI (TransPacific Industries), accepting residual waste for the landfill facility at Inkerman, north of Adelaide.
  • EDL Energy Developments Ltd harnessing methane gas to generate power.
  • KESAB environmental solutions operate the Wingfield Education Centre providing an interactive learning experience on site for school and community visitation.




At Visy, we’ve always looked at things differently.  Where most see waste, we see opportunity.

This innovative nature is stronger today than ever before.  Not happy to rest on our achievements, we now strive to create a world where rubbish is a thing of the past and everything is recyclable.

At the same time we are seeking new ways to package the world.  Ones that make transport more efficient, create less waste and wow people when they see our creations on the shelves.




Coles is one of Australia’s largest retailers, providing a range of fresh food, groceries, general merchandise, liquor and fuel to millions of customers every week.

We have more than 100,000 team members and a combination of more than 2,200 retail outlets across the country, covering Coles and Bi-Lo supermarkets, Coles Express fuel and convenience sites, hotels and liquor stores under Liquorland, Vintage Cellars or First Choice Liquor branding.

Coles is owned by Wesfarmers, one of Australia’s largest publicly listed companies and private sector employers.

Coles is proudly Australian with a heritage dating back to 1914 when George J. Coles opened the first Coles variety store in Collingwood, Victoria. Some of Australia’s most well known brands are part of Coles.




The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is South Australia's leading environmental regulator, responsible for the protection of air and water quality, and the control of pollution, waste, noise and radiation.

We regulate and influence human activities to protect, enhance and restore the environment. We work with all levels of government, industry and communities to achieve a healthier environment and a prosperous and sustainable future for South Australia.   

We are responsible for administering the Environment Protection Act 1993  and the Radiation Protection and Control Act 1982 and also exercise powers under other South Australian planning and environmental legislation.




Zurich-based Hitachi Zosen Inova (HZI) is a global leader in energy from waste, operating as part of the Hitachi Zosen Corporation Group. Formed from the former Von Roll Inova, HZI acts as an engineering, procurement and construction contractor delivering complete turnkey plants and system solutions for energy recovery from waste.

HZI's solutions are based on efficient and environmentally sound technology, are thoroughly tested, can be flexibly adapted to user requirements, and cover the entire plant life cycle. The company’s customers range from experienced waste management companies to up-and-coming partners in new markets worldwide. HZI's innovative and reliable waste and flue gas treatment solutions have been part of some 500 reference projects delivered since 1933.

HZ Inova



Superior Environmental Solutions incorporating Tarpomatic Australia are the distributors of an automated tarping machine which provides the most cost effective, fuel efficient way to cover your landfill. With the ever increasing cost of using soil and that it decreases your landfill’s life expectancy, an automated tarping machine "The World’s best Cover Up, Makes nothing but sense!"




Salisbury Water, a business unit of the City of Salisbury, specialises in urban stormwater harvesting and managed aquifer recharge. They currently supply 2000 million litres of ‘fit for  purpose’ water to 500 customers in Adelaide’s North. Salisbury Water can offer tailored water, waste water and waste to energy solutions.

Salisbury Water

www.salisbury.sa.gov.au/ Services/Salisbury_Water


The Local Government Association (LGA) of South Australia is a membership organisation which provides quality service and leadership relevant to the needs of member Councils.

The LGA has worked with Councils in South Australia to be at the forefront of managing emerging environmental challenges through best practice waste management, extensive harvesting and recycling of storm and wastewater, energy efficiency programs and climate adaptation planning.

Local Govt Association of SA



Solo is a 100% Australian owned and operated waste management and industrial services organisation providing solutions for government, business and households for over 80 years. The Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre North Plympton specialise in the collection, transport, processing and disposal of all forms of waste including, recyclables, organics, construction and demolition and commercial and industrial waste. We have designed, built and manage waste facilities such as transfer stations and recycling plants and manage several landfill operations. We provide services to municipal, commercial and residential customers in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia with operations just commencing in Western Australia.

Solo Resource Recovery


KESAB environmental solutions is a leading environmental sustainability educator partnering with Government, Business and Community. KESAB focus includes industry and council household waste audits, curriculum based teacher PD and student learning and resource development underpinning litter awareness and reduction, recycling and resource recovery, catchment water management and remote indigenous communities.




SITA-ResourceCo, a JV between SITA Australia and ResourceCo, pioneered the Australian Waste to Energy sector. The first and still only dedicated Commercial and Industrial waste processing plant was commissioned in 2007.

Recycling over 95% of 200,000 tonnes received per annum, SITA- ResourceCo manufactures an alternative fuel product (Processed Engineered Fuel) for energy generation in the cement manufacturing process. This alternative fuel is a direct substitute to traditional fossil fuels and has considerable environmental benefits for end users.



The City of Charles Sturt is located west of Adelaide CBD extending to the coast with a population of approximately 105,000. As a leader in waste management we are committed to working in partnership with our community to reduce the amount of material sent to landfill. Council has developed a wide range of initiatives to support our community to improve recycling rates including a food waste recycling program, illegal dumping strategy, free e- waste recycling service; and community recycling events and education sessions.



Rawtec is an independent, leading Australian specialist in waste, recycling and sustainability management. Since 2007, Rawtec has assisted hundreds of clients through providing in-depth assessments, practical advice and real solutions. The Rawtec consultancy team includes waste and recycling, engineering, sustainability, economic and behavioural specialists with combined experience spanning more than 40 years.



The patented BiobiN® System was developed by Peats Soil and Garden Supplies Pty Ltd, an innovative and leading recycler of organic material in South Australia. BiobiN® systems are designed for the growing need to provide an on site solution to manage the large amounts of organic and wet materials otherwise being sent to landfill. BiobiN® provides a cost-effective and sustainable solution for organic materials in Australiasia, Asia, North America, Middle East, Japan, China, Africa and India.




WME magazine is Australia’s leading environment business magazine, serving those responsible for the environmental performance of their organisation or working in the environmental goods and services sector.
Published monthly since 1989, WME provides news, opinion and analysis covering waste and water management, energy and emissions, and strategic sustainability issues.

Australia's highest circulating monthly environment business magazine is backed up by the online WME Business Environment Network (BEN), providing targeted news, resources and industry discussion on a weekly basis.




The Australian Organics Recycling Association limited (AORA) has formed as a result of the growth of the organics composting and recycling industry in Australia and the desire of processors to have independence of the waste industry.

AORA’s principles:

  • Improve Australia’s response to issues of soil health, food security and human health.
  • Support for a diverse, competitive, innovative, and profitable industry.
  • Promotion of good practice and sound environmental management.
  • Promotion of dialogue with local communities, government and regulatory authorities.
  • Assist in promoting a sustainable, financially viable marketplace.
  • The recovery and beneficial reuse of organic resources.
  • AORA will operate to support its members, helping them to achieve their objectives through the development and promotion of good practice and the creation of a sustainable regulatory framework.



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